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Play Video multipurpose 5–in–1 chair

$79.00 multipurpose 5–in–1 chair offers multiple seating heights: 8″, 11″, 12″, 13″, 14″ Doubles as book display.

Fits easily in any modern shelf unit (e.g. IKEA Eket, IKEA Kallax, IKEA Trofast, etc)

This chair is a perfect companion to sensational growing Sensory table , it creates a playmate for children in their journey of creativity, learning, and imagination.


The small footprint and multipurpose nature of the chair are ideal for daycares, homes, and small learning environments.
Flexible arrangements empower kids to choose where they sit in the room and offer a sense of autonomy.

It’s extremely common for parents to be homeschooling their kids while daycares and schools are closed. Setting up a kid-sized activity table or desk with chairs will help normalize the lives of your children so you can attempt to keep their school learning on track while you work from home. This multifunctional furniture design is a great space saver. The design has doubled as a book display, which is helpful if you’re working on teaching your child how to read independently.

Perfect for small spaces, this personal activity table can be used for snacks, crafts, homeschool, and more. Designated spaces let little ones take control of their daily activities with greater confidence as they start to learn the daily rhythm and where to anticipate going for snacks or special projects. This multifunctional chair is a space saver too since it’s designed to grow with your child from toddler through elementary school years. Use it in a corner of your living room or bedroom—or even in a dorm room—to give kids a place to do homework and play games while freeing up valuable floor space elsewhere in your home.

Simply rotate to reveal a chair, table, or step stool, each unit serves multiple functions and you can pair multiple units together to create your own table and chair set. The seat is constructed with high-quality materials that are built to last; it’s also designed for children of different ages—from 5 months old up to 10 years old—so it will grow with your child from infancy through early childhood. The multicolored design also helps encourage learning as kids explore colors and shapes while sitting on their very own chair at mealtime or during playtime.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 20 × 5 in


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12 month limited warranty.
Adult supervision required for children 9 month to 3  years  old.
Adult supervision required for children with special needs.