We are Anastasia and Ivan, the husband and wife team behind the brand. We have a WONDERful 2.5 years old son Egor who drives us to keep our business going each day. Anastasiya a full-time science geek working within the cancer research lab. She’s also a big fan of early education!
Ivan is a talented Graphic Designer with a passion for process optimization using creative tools. We met 10 years ago in Orlando, Fl and got married 2 months after (young and crazy), but we are still happy together.

When our son was born, we decided to start educating him as early as possible. Montessori, Emilia Reggio, Waldorf approaches all are great and also focused on using light tables for a sensory experience! I believe there is no single educational approach and found this fantastic idea to get a light and sand table for Egor to improve his fine motor skills. Egor loved playing with all sensory materials and drastically improved his cognitive skills. He is a bright kid who started talking earlier than both of us at his age (thanks to the Light table). After doing some research, we designed our WONDER.ONE Light and Sand table and made it better than all analogs on the US market.

As parents, we know how important to have multifunctional toys for all ages which are not taking all your space, how to keep kids entertained and educated at the same time, and how to find time for ourselves!!!

Our tables are a perfect combination of minimalistic design and multi-functionality!

Our mission is to make your kids happy, creative and more educated.
We want you to have some extra time for yourself and your significant ones.

We are producing our WONDER ONE tables with love and care in mind.